Mission to Mars

Very Nice Read! Thnx!

Knitted Notes

Drama, torment, betrayal, passion… no, this is not a film, even though the protagonist made a performance that could be compared to those of the actors playing in a Mediaset TV movie (low-pitched voice, a whisper every three words, a silent movies diva’s expressiveness…). This is the chronicle of the last few days, with poor MrB stunned by Brutus/Alfano (I know it will be a bit difficult to understand from now on if you’re not Italian, but be patient).

“You’ll be glad?” you ask me… “Mmmm…”, I asnswer. I can’t deny that here and there I was almost (almost) euphoric, you know every hours news about PDL going into pieces, Alfano finally refusing to do what He told him (Long live Alfano!!!!…. hey Ella, are you crazy?!?!!? Long live Alfano?!?!?), Chicchitto going on TV ready to be reduced to a sort of Saint Sebastian (Go on Cicchitto!!! ….what are you saying???!!!?), Giovanardi out from Limbo  (No, Giovardi can’t…

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